Welcome Emails Increase Your Open Rates by 82%

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Try an easy technique proven to improve your email engagement (and not everyone does it)

How’s your email marketing going?

I hear you’re focused on growing your email list. Good idea.

Over 200 marketers and 25 leading experts were asked in a recent study, which digital marketing channel generates the most return for your organization?

“About 59% of marketers said email marketing continues to generate the most return-on-investment.” Emma 2018 Email Marketing Industry Report

Email is your gold mine

So you’ve joined your peers in viewing an email list as a big asset.

And you can’t stop once you gain a subscriber. No, you’ve got to win him over to earn his long-term engagement, you know, reading your emails and taking action. Perhaps buying your product or service. Becoming a customer.

Because the value of an email list is the level of engagement, not the size of the list.

Curious to know the technique that will boost your email open rates by 82%?

Boost your engagement

Hey, the importance of engaging visitors by creating valuable content is obvious. We all know this by now. But a simple way to boost engagement is what many marketers neglect.

If you only send one thing, make it a welcome message. Michal Leszczynski, GetResponse

What can you do better? Create a welcome email series. A welcome email series is an email sequence someone receives when they first sign up for your email list.

Already sending welcome emails? Then put your energy into improving them to drive engagement.

In exchange for his email address, the subscriber is expecting relevant, useful, and meaningful messages from you. The beginning emails you send are essential. They can make a good first impression, or a bad one. It’s up to you.

How significant is a welcome email series?

An email marketing software online platform company, GetResponse, examined 4 billion emails customers sent from January to June 2019, in 126 countries across 19 industries. (!)

The average open rate for a welcome email is over 82%. And readers are pumped to action because the average click-through rate is about 27%.

Get Response welcome study survey 2019

Monica Montesa and Liz Willits agree. They are content marketing specialists with AWeber, an email service provider for small businesses.

“When setting up your email marketing, the most important place to start is with your welcome email,” Monica Montesa and Liz Willits

Welcome emails starter tips

Are you thinking you need a welcome email sequence? Consider these 3 key points to get started.

1. Commit to a welcome email series.

Yes, just start. Once a reader shares his email address with you, he’s at his peak of interest. He wants to hear from you. Don’t let him down. Receiving an imperfect email immediately is better than no email. No one likes to be ignored.

So make an effort to do your best to create a message that sounds warm, friendly, and inviting.

“Building solid relationships starts with your Welcome email, so it is extremely crucial for you to do a good job with it. It’s worth spending the extra time to polish it.” Martin Zhel

2. Accentuate the value of subscribing.

Think of the welcome email as the first time you’re meeting with the reader. If this was a face-to-face interaction, you’d do your homework and be prepared. You’d want to create a good first impression.

What level of understanding does your subscriber have about your company and its products and services? Cater the first emails to his stage of awareness.

“A common mistake to avoid: Don’t start with the number of emails and then decide what goes in each one. Start with what you need to say, and then determine how many emails it’ll take to say it,” McKenzie Gregory, Emma.

You want to communicate that you’re focused on the reader and how he’ll benefit

For example, take a look at the first email I received after signing up for Harvard Business Review.

Harvard Business Review welcome email
Harvard Business Review

Everyone knows Harvard Business Review. Leaders look to HBR to gain a competitive edge and develop professionally to advance their careers.

HBR focused on the benefits of registering. They know their offerings could overwhelm, so they ask the reader to self-segment by sharing her job title, company size, and introduce herself. Then they customize the content to fit her profile.

Later in the email, HBR shows a menu to choose the content she wants to receive. New visitors can perceive too many questions as a negative, so giving only a few choices minimizes friction.

3. Say thank you in your welcome message.

The words “thank you” are one of the most powerful words to use to promote email engagement.

When a prospect agrees to meet with you face-to-face, you say “thank you” at the start. And then you thank him when the meeting wraps up. It’s automatic. No surprise because saying “thank you” has been part of our “magic words” lexicon since we were children.

“When subscribers know you appreciate them, they are more likely to have positive feelings toward you and your brand.” Liz Willits

So express thanks in your email. The words are good for establishing long-term relationships online as well.

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