Hand over your copywriting projects to me and √ off your Copy To Do list


If there was a way to get your copy projects done quickly without overwhelming your team, would you want to know more?

This is definitely possible when you enlist my help for a day in writing your copy.

Need copy to finish a marketing project fast? Like yesterday? But don’t have the time to get it done yourself?

Then please read more.

Because I can help.

What can I do for you?

I can write specific copy for your audience, make progress on a project, and relieve your stress, all at the same time.

The Day Rate gets you my writing experience on your copywriting projects, pronto.

Whether that includes:
• Doing the audience interviews / research so the words and phrases you use are taken from the mouths of your customers
• Making your key messages succinct and crystal-clear to your target audience, who doesn’t have the time to read a dull, too-wordy page
• Improving your web page copy, landing page copy, or sales copy so readers will respond and take the next step
Revamping your existing email sequence to build customer relationships
Getting some small projects done that have been left on the back burner too long.

What Clients Say

Initial thoughts on the copy: really great. My bosses are hard to impress, and are very excited about our partnership. Kudos big time!

Julia, content strategist,
healthcare / finance app

Shannan is a key extension of our team. Her good questions and research skills ensures her copywriting touches the needs of our customers.

Paul, marketing director, pharmaceutical company

The first blog looks great. Thanks for your hard work.

Larry, owner, commercial sign business

Embarrassed about your website? Your messaging is confusing the reader? No one’s reading your emails?

Let’s tackle one big project or multiple smaller ones.

Give me your to do list. I’ll do the work.

“Is this right for me?”

Good question. You may be unfamiliar with the Day Rate when you’ve worked with other freelance copywriters.

Normally, you’d have to get your project into my calendar about a month ahead of time. And that would be too late.

The Day Rate fits businesses who need expert copy now, not later.

This offer is for you if your role is marketing and you have ambitious goals to generate new leads or increasing awareness of your company’s product and services.

You’re the perfect candidate for the Day Rate if you…

…know that persuasive copy is the essential to the success of your business. And you know that doing it well requires research and strategy. So you’re either bringing the research with you, or giving me time to do it myself.

…know what you want… but there’s always other responsibilities needing your attention… weeks pass… and the marketing project remains stalled. I’ll take a look at what you’ve got so far, and either give you the strategy and structure you need to get it done yourself, or complete it on my own.

…are curious about what it would be like to work with me, or want to peek inside the process I use to write copy that engages. Use your day for copy guidance, or just to get acquainted with what I deliver.

…have team members who are already stretched and don’t have the time to learn how to write like a copywriter who moves people to yes. That’s the #1 reason people come to me. I understand.

The Day Rate is the fastest, most affordable for us to work together, and what you use it for is completely up to you.

Click if you want to get unstuck ASAP.
You can choose a half-day or a full day.

The Day Rate is custom…
you choose the service that’s right for you.

You’ll have a choice between a half-day or a full day.

In half a day, I can:

  • 3 hours
  • Audit your website for your ideal audience (max. 5 pages). Give you feedback and rewrite parts of one page of web copy, OR
  • Supercharge a landing page so that it attracts attention and inspires your ideal customer to click, OR
  • Help you get unstuck on a marketing project that you know needs a copywriter’s touch to make it better, such as a sales email or sales script.

In a whole day, I can:

  • 6.5 hours
  • Rewrite one key page of your web copy (or two, depending on how much work it needs), OR
  • Sketch out the strategy for your email marketing campaign and write you at least 2 emails. You’ll get the info on what works best for emailing your ideal customer, OR
  • Optimize a sales letter to your customer for a new product or service launch.

If you’d like to talk about what we can do with your time, book a consult call here.

Shannan L Seely

Hi, I’m Shannan.

With 10 years of field sales experience (yes, I did sales for a living!), I’m the persuasive copywriter who knows what marketing is all about: making sales happen!

“How does this Day Rate work?”

Let’s discuss the plan. It’s simple.

Step One: You contact me here, choosing a half day (3 hours), or a full day (6.5 hours) of my time. Not sure how much time you need? Contact me to set up a consult call.

Step Two: I send you some questions about your business goals, your customers, and your expectations for the day. You send a reply with the answers. This way we’re in agreement from the start.

Step Three: Your day starts with a Kickoff Call. We’ll greet one another, get specific about what I’m going to work on, and you provide any background info I’ll need to get started.

If our timezones aren’t compatible, we can schedule this Kickoff Call anytime in the week leading up to your day.

Step FourI get to work, and you can take a breath and then dig into your Most Important Work that only you can do. And we both make progress.

Final Step: At the end of the day, I’ll send you a link to a Google Drive folder with your new copy. We’ll get on a brief call to share what I’ve done, so that you know exactly how to use the copy.

You end up with some well-written copy + guidance on how to create content that will bring you more leads.

Click this button to schedule a day or half-day of my time.

“What makes this Day Rate worth it?”

Well, you’d have me on your team.

I’m a copywriter who focuses on the purpose… the goal… you know, the reason you need copy in the first place. I write copy that will help you gain more leads, attract the right customers, and make more sales.

I write copy using a proven process based on studies in human decision-making.

No guesswork. No cookie-cutter sameness. I’m not guessing at this. It’s a methodical system using the psychology of persuasion. I live and breathe it, and bring this value to every writing project I do.

The changes we can make to your copy in one day will bring you more leads, more customers, and more sales for the foreseeable future.

If that sounds like just what you need… then now’s the time.


Day Rate – Full Day Buy | 6 hours 30 minutes @ $ 650.00
Day Rate – Half Day Buy | 3 hours @ $ 300.00