What You Can Expect in the Process

If you’ve come to this page, you want to know how I work. Great! Glad you’re here. Very important to know my process upfront.

So let’s start at the beginning.

Prior to the First Meeting

How may I help you? I may ask you a few quick questions to understand what you’re looking for.

You may be a fit if:

  • You value copy
  • Your project is $1,000+
  • Your company is in the B2B, healthcare or veterinary space
  • You believe following a tried-and-true copywriting process will result in happiness for you and great results for your company

Sound like you? Then let’s talk.

Is your project under $1,000? Here's an option. Consider Book Me for a Day. It's when you need a small project done quickly. One that needs a copywriter's touch to make the copy better. Or you're curious about what it would be like to work with me, or want to peek inside the process I use to write copy that engages. See how the day rate service works.  

Our First Meeting

Get to Know You

During our phone call, I’ll ask you about your company, the project you have in mind, your business challenges, budget, and timelines. I’ll ask additional questions. You can also ask me questions.

Time: About 15 minutes

If we agree we’re a fit, we’ll proceed …

Let’s Talk About Your Project

In this consultation, we do a deep-deep dive into the project. I want details! Details! Details! We’ll talk about project scope, deadlines, goals and customers. What are others doing that you like? Please share examples. It’ll give me a feel for your preferences. And, sure, share examples of your dislikes too. Your project is all about you, your company, and winning more customers, of course.

I’ll be asking a lot of questions. What do you need this project to accomplish for your company? What has worked for you in the past? What hasn’t worked? What’s your budget? Who will be involved? How will you evaluate if this project is successful?

Once I understand your needs, then I’ll put together a quote and a statement of work. We’ll review this together. I’ll answer any questions you have.

The statement of work will include:

  • Phases of the project
  • List of deliverables
  • General timeline
  • Key people involved
  • Payment terms

Then I’ll send you the contract to sign electronically.

Once you accept my proposal and sign the agreement, I’ll send you an invoice. As soon as I receive your down payment, I’ll finalize your project kickoff date.

Yay!!! We’re working together!

Gathering Information

I’ll send you a Seely Marketing Communications Creative Brief Questionnaire. Completing this 5-page document is required so I can create the best messaging to attract your ideal customer. This is where I ask the nitty-gritty questions to gather data that makes great copy. You can complete with your team, or we can fill this out together.

To deliver you great copy, I’ll need:

  • Customer research
  • Brand guidelines for your brand
  • Current marketing collateral
  • Contact info for all involved (designers, web developers, social media managers, etc.)

May need:

  • Access to data analytics
  • Interview your subject matter experts

The Next Step: Kickoff Meeting

Are you ready? This is where your team and I gather in a (virtual) room to get down to business. Team members are introduced. We review the project scope, timeline and objectives. We also recap my process, answer questions and clarify next steps.

Time: 60 – 90 minutes

How We Work Together

Think of enlisting my help as a partnership. Meeting your timeline is going to take time and effort from both of us. Does the last sentence surprise you? It’s true. Creating fascinating copy requires collaboration. I know copy, but I’m in the learning phase about your company. And no one knows your company and customers better than you do.

So what does this entail? Set aside time to provide information, answer questions and give me feedback. Definitely set aside time to review the copy. And on my end, I’ll send you regular updates to keep you informed. Following the process is absolutely essential to achieve optimal results. When clients commit to this process, they get better copy.

The Work of Writing Process


The high quality of the deliverable is in proportion to sufficient research done. I want to know who will be reading the copy, pain points, their perceptions of your competition, their aspirations, and their level of awareness about your product and services.

I can work with you to obtain the customer research needed, whether we interview customers, perform surveys, interview salespeople, or do a combination of these methods. If I do the customer research, I’ll share a customer insights summary with you.


I’ll dial my copywriter brain into high gear and sitting in my office chair, or standing at my standing desk, write your copy. I’ll refer to the Seely Marketing Communications Creative Brief as the blueprint, and the Seely Marketing Communications Creative Brief Questionnaire as the guide.

Outline and Feedback

I’ll produce an outline with the key messages and send it to you for your approval. Sometimes, I send one page of the copy to you for feedback (before I do the entire draft) to ensure the copy matches the company’s voice. Then I’ll write the first draft of copy, with my comments and questions.

You’ll give me feedback and then I’ll make necessary edits. I offer two rounds of revisions. You’ll get the final copy ON TIME, with guidance on visuals and layout. I consult with your designer to ensure the copy is placed on the page as recommended.

When you receive the final copy, I’ll send you the final invoice.


You’re impressed with how smooth everything went. You feel good about the project. The copy is aligned to represent your company and speak to your ideal customer. And this process helped us reach the finish line. Not only done, but well-written done! Top-notch copy draws you closer to winning new customers, retaining customers or building an audience. Great job!

Ready to talk about your project?