I’ve been writing persuasively since I was a child. Here’s the letter I wrote to Santa Claus when I was seven years old.

A seven year old girl's letter to SantaSome favorite lines: “Santa I have some cookies and some milk … find my stocking with the snowman and Shannan on it. Then you will know it is min (sic). I wish you could come and get a present.”

Then as now, I demonstrate empathy for the audience. Yes, I did receive a Baby Alive doll on Christmas Day, in addition to the stroller, high chair, feeding bottles and diapers. Oh, the accessories!

During my childhood, I wrote school plays, stories and letters. My articles were published in my town paper, The Tonganoxie Mirror. I have written in spiral bound notebooks and more notebooks, filling several plastic storage crates. The shorthand (stenography) class I excelled in high school is useful today for quick note-taking.

Clients describe me as one of the most pleasant people to work with. It’s my Midwestern roots. I grew up on a 40-acre family farm in Kansas. We raised rabbits, sheep, goats, dogs and cats. The true test of creativity is giving each animal a name. I did just that. Did I mention there were hundreds of animals?

I studied journalism and sciences at Kansas State University, in Manhattan, a city known as The Little Apple. I edited the college newsletter, wrote for The K-State Collegian university newspaper, and created copy for many print publications, non-digital at the time, of course.

As an adult, I’ve lived in nine states. Helping people communicate better to their audiences is the one constant in my ever-changing home address. Wherever I’ve lived, people come to me when they need a copywriter to create refreshing content under a deadline.

Life is good in Central New Jersey with my family, two cats, and an inexhaustible number of electronic devices. It’s the chargers (and batteries) that are in short supply.

In my spare time, I love reading through my “stack” of ebooks, telling stories about growing up on the farm, and dreaming about my next adventure in exploring the Northeast.

When you’re ready to talk about your next marketing project, then let’s chat.

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