We’re more likely to act now if a party is in our future

How about this news bit? Some of us are planning ahead. I listened to the news today and learned 76 trees are being planted in Philadelphia’s Independent National Historic Park to be mature by the nation’s sestercentennial. By the way, I had to look up what “sestercentennial” means. It’s the 250th year of United States of America’s independence.

The birthday date is July 4, 2026. Doesn’t that seem like a long time from now? But yet it’s less than nine years away.

The Daughters of the American Revolution have donated the cost of $380,000 to plant the trees over several years. Hooray to people thinking and taking action for the long term. I applaud you. Of course, the critics say the trees needed to be planted 20 years ago to make a significant presence. Oh, well, there will always be fault-finders among us.

Just wondering …

Could this be a nudge for us to invest in our professional development now so we can enjoy a celebration of opportunity later? And strengthen our independence?