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Would you like to find a copywriter who has an animal health background? Do you want to be more relatable in what you say to veterinarians in your marketing materials?

If you desire more leads, greater sales, and stronger customer relationships, then read on.

Connect with More Veterinarians and Grow Your Business

Capturing the attention of a busy veterinary decision-maker isn’t easy. Unlike most copywriters, I have eight years of experience working with veterinarians. This means I know your audience, whether they serve clients in a companion animal, large animal, equine or mixed animal veterinary practice.

I create well-written copy tailored to veterinarians and their staff. So when they are ready to buy, your products and services are top of mind.

Shannan L Seely, veterinary copywriter and consultant of Seely Marketing Communications

With my B.S. degree in animal science / communications, you don’t need to take the time and explain the industry to me. And because I handle the copywriting, your to do list will be shorter.

You’ll also benefit from my knowledge about a veterinarian’s needs and problems. Veterinarians shared with me their daily challenges when I met them face-to-face in the field as a regional sales manager. I also talked with veterinarians at trade shows. I sold a full-line of pharmaceuticals, equipment, diagnostic, nutritionals, and other products in two Midwestern states

Attention-getting Copy with Less Stress

When you work with me, you get a specialist in marketing communications for 20 years. You can worry less about the content and focus more on the important work only you can do. In management speak, that’s a win-win.

Want to Know More About Veterinary Copywriting?

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Highlights of Animal Health Clients

“I have had the pleasure of working with Shannan on several commercial writing projects. She has always performed in a professional and creative manner. Shannan provides a positive team spirit and tremendous knowledge of writing technique. I would highly recommend her for marketing projects.”
Mick Sibbel, The Sibbel Group

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