Advertorial about the benefits of scleral lenses, a large contact lens designed to treat eye conditions such as keratoconus and irregular corneas. The content for optometrists and eye care practitioners was sponsored by ABB Optical Group, a national digital eye laboratory and optical products company.

Why More Eye Care Practitioners are Offering Scleral Lenses

If you’re looking for ways to help more patients see better, consider scleral lenses. A 10 percent increase in scleral lens sales has boosted the rigid gas-permeable contact lens market, making eye care practitioners who incorporate scleral lenses fittings in their offices at an advantage.

Sales are up

At the end of the first quarter 2016, sales of scleral lenses were up 54 percent over the present year, reports ABB OPTICAL GROUP, the leading distributor of optical products in the United States. During the same period, ortho-k fits were up 23 percent. Participating ECPs are building a reputation as contact lens experts when they engage in these two hot growth areas.

Part of the growth can be attributed to ECP’s increased comfort and experience with fitting scleral lenses. A recent ABB OPTICAL GROUP survey found that 40 percent of the practices surveyed actively fit scleral lenses, but what are the other 60 percent missing?

How do patients benefit?

Of the practices that fit at least one patient for scleral lenses per month, 74 percent of fittings were considered medically necessary, showing that scleral lenses have become the lens of choice for post-surgical patients and those with keratoconus or pellucid marginal degeneration.

The oversized scleral lenses offer most patients comfort and stability. They tuck beneath the lids and barely move, providing a great option for active patients, especially athletes.

For patients with dry eyes, scleral lenses are also a great choice. They allow moisture – and therefore, relief – by providing space for artificial tears or saline between the cornea and the contact lens.

ABB OPTICAL GROUP can help you begin

The popularity of scleral lenses has grown in the last decade. Yet, some eye care practitioners may be hesitant to add specialty contact lenses. Why? ABB OPTICAL GROUP discovered the top reason optometrists don’t fit patients with scleral lenses was a lack of confidence in the process.

As a result, they’ve helped ECPs in three ways:

  • Offering educational wet-lab seminars held by their experienced consultation staff
  • Introduced Infinity® Scleral, the “Keep it Simple, Scleral” with a simple-to-follow fitting guide and staff assistance
  • Phone support

If you are thinking about adding scleral lens to your practice, learn more by contacting ABB OPTICAL GROUP. The company has over 50 years of experience manufacturing gas-permeable lenses. Call ABB OPTICAL GROUP at 800.852.8089 and choose option 4 for a consultation, which includes advice, direction or training.